177 Ways To Reduce And Burn Calories

The Mediterranean Diet, The Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Negative Calorie Diet! Jeez, itís enough to drive you straight to the grocery store for a pint of Ben and Jerryís finest!

Have you tried some or all of those diets? Are you sick and tired of being pushed, shoved and pulled in 10 different directions when it comes to finding a diet that works? Well, I'm happy to tell you your search is over!

Listen, every diet guru out there has a plan just for you and youíre guaranteed a slim down. Theyíre gonna tell ya that they have discovered the miracle of the ages.

Youíll be guaranteed a slim down alright... your wallet will be so much slimmer by the time youíve bought their material, supplements, food and other so-called "dietary aids".

Iím going to let you in on a secret. This is the golden key and ultimate Nirvana of the diet world. If your head isnít in the right place a diet isnít going to work... period.

Your diet needs to start in the six inches between your ears! We're not talking here about that old "you are what you eat", although it does have a ring of truth to it.

Simply put, you talked yourself into all those extra pounds. How would you like to talk yourself right out of them? Well, thatís what youíll learn in "177 Ways To Reduce and Burn Calories".

But, before you begin to put the 177 tips to work, youíre going to learn why none of your other diet plans have produced the results that you desire so desperately.

Have you ever wondered why is it that after you starve yourself and exercise to the point of exhaustion, the blasted scale still doesn't budge an inch?

Well, go easy on yourself. Itís not your fault. No one has ever told you why you keep repeating the same self destructive behavior over and over again.

Once you understand why, you can begin to take advantage of the great weight loss tips in "177 Ways To Reduce and Burn Calories". Great stuff like:

* A great substitute for butter or margarine

* How to remove the fat from cheese

* What you can do with water to suppress your appetite

* How to eat fast food and still lose weight

* The truth about reduced fat claims

* How to order when eating out

* How to spice up and burn calories

* Why a veggie sandwich may not be the best choice

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